Humans of IA: Miss Speicher

By Amanda Wewer|
Humans of IA: Miss Speicher

“I was born in Detroit long, long ago.  I grew up in Grosse Pointe with my mom and my brother.    Some of my favorite childhood memories would be having nerf wars with my brother and friends where we would build elaborate forts and section off the house.  I ran cross country and track in high school.  In spite of my last name, I did not make the volleyball team.  In my free time, I like to play with my dogs, cook, bake, knit, and catch up with friends.

“When I was younger, I had plans to become a pediatric psychiatrist or a pediatrician, and was leaning more toward pediatrician.  I wanted to help kids.  I went to Michigan State and majored in Human Biology (a typical pre-med major) and grew to realize my chosen profession was not what I thought it was.  The more I talked to people, I realized that very little time was spent with patients.  Also, I started to notice that insurance companies were dictating the kind of care that patients got.  That did not sit well with me.  If I were a doctor, I would want to give my patients the best treatment possible, not whatever the insurance companies were telling me to do.”

“My mom was a teacher and she loved it, and in the back of my mind, I wanted to do that too.  My mom made me want to teach.  She was really good at it and loved her job.  I wanted a job that made me happy too.  I actually got hired initially to teach physics and ended up teaching that for six years. I have a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, Physics, and Earth/Space Science which allows me to teach any science class that the state offers.”

-Emily Speicher
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