Fantastic Four Movie Review


By: Alivia VanDale

“Fantastic Four” Movie Review (Warning: SPOILERS!)

Whether you’re a Marvel fan or not, you’ve probably heard all about the new Fantastic Four movie.  Some people, though very few, enjoyed it.  A whole lot of people, on the other hand, did not.  That definitely includes me.

The overall vibe of Fantastic Four felt very rushed.  The first 45 or so minutes were actually cool, though kind of slow moving. You got to see Reed figuring out teleportation and befriending Ben.  Then it was pretty quick introduction of all of the main characters from the comic books: Reed Harris (Mr. Fantastic), Ben Grimm (the Thing), Susan Storm (Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom), yada yada yada, you get the point.  It was very dragged out.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, you should see what happened after they got their powers.  Everything went downhill from there.

  1. There were VERY few action/fighting scenes.  Come on people, it’s a superhero movie for crying out loud!  Modern adventure movies revolve around their action scenes and explosions, but this movie had an extremely small amount.  It was practically a big, long wait until the end fight between the Four and Dr. Doom, which wasn’t even that good.  Reed only stretches (which is his power) about 5 times throughout the whole movie.  The whole action aspect of this movie was pretty terrible.

  2. It was dark and depressing.  Where’s the lighthearted and humorous superheros we expect?  Movies like Ironman, Captain America and Avengers all had several scenes that made us smile or laugh, but Fantastic Four had about two.  Even the 2005 Fantastic Four did a better job at being funny, and that movie was awful!  The characters in the latest Fantastic Four barely bonded at all.  A strong bond is what holds a team together, but a couple of the characters only talked to each other, like, twice.  Overall, a sad and dreary disappointment.

  3. What is up with Dr. Doom?  Dr. Doom is one of the most memorable Marvel villains.

This movie ruined him.  They set him up with a closer relationship to the rest of the Four, which actually made him seem like he was gonna be a cool character.  Boy, was I wrong.  As soon he got powerful, all of the sudden he wanted to eliminate the earth.  Who are you gonna rule now?  You’ll be all alone again, genius.  His overall appearance was also super weird; he looked like a green mannequin with a cape.  With all the powers he had, he could’ve killed the Four in five minutes.  But no, teamwork always wins!  Everything Dr. Doom-related was super unorganized and unrealistic.

I would probably rate this movie one out of five stars.  It lacked a good storyline, good characters, and some good action scenes.  If you’re a comic book nerd, sure, go see it just for fun.  But if you’re looking to go see a good movie, do not go and see Fantastic Four.

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