Humans of IA: Deepti Pattabhi

By Summer Nyugen

Humans of IA: 



“I have always loved volunteering, as I become really happy as an outcome of helping out other people. I also volunteer at a food bank, but I was looking for an opportunity that would benefit my experience in the medical field. To become a volunteer at the hospital I currently volunteer at, I first had to fill out an application … and read 100 pages of information that volunteers must know off the top of their heads, with a test afterwards. Since I had a received a passing score, an email was sent asking me to book a date for a group interview.
 When I received an email the next day stating that I’m officially a volunteer, I was so excited, especially upon knowing that many people were cut and that I wasn’t one of them!
 So far, my experience has been phenomenal! All of the workers and volunteers at the hospital are so kind and helpful, and the atmosphere in general is very friendly. Even though the total driving time is three hours, the time I spend helping out at the hospital definitely makes up for it!”
Deepti Pattabhi is currently in her freshman year, and she adores science and math. Her hobbies including dancing, sketching, reading (mystery and crime, specifically), play volleyball and her flute. She loves to watch Grey’s Anatomy when she can fit it into her tight schedule!
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