Online Censorship:


By Shikha Jha |

Online Censorship:

Issues that should be brought to attention are instead being pushed under the rug. The amount of censorship in this day and age is incredibly high, at the least, and the audience isn’t being told what is and isn’t being edited out.  The reasons for this sort of censorship are somewhat understandable from the perspective of the ones actually infringing on the right of speech, but the amount of technology being used today brings to mind a new and more pressing issue: should what’s on the Internet be open to censorship as well?

Many, with adults making up the majority of this group – according to Fox News’ article on the most recent FCC (Federal Communications Commission) papers that were released earlier this year, are pro-regulation of the Internet, saying things along the lines of how the Internet should be monitored to protect youth from any offensive material that may have been posted or uploaded. This is definitely one thing to keep in mind when approaching this topic; a lot of the stuff put up is not appropriate for younger eyes. This could lead to people growing up and learning things they really shouldn’t be at their ages, and this in itself can cause many issues – unhealthily influence the child’s point of view for the worse, help create troublesome habits and all in all, negatively affect the child’s life.

On the other hand, if what is put up doesn’t violate the official conditions written in the First Amendment concerning freedom of speech, it is then deemed unconstitutional for things on the Internet to be regulated. Regardless of whether or not the controversial post/upload/etc. is appropriate in regards to people of all ages, or pertaining to some other matter, it is still legal for that item on the Internet to remain uploaded and public.

It’s hard to really formulate an opinion on this. There are definitely things put up on the Internet that should not be there, but if too much influence is placed on the removal of such things, then there’s the problem of taking away one’s freedom of speech and/or press. The Constitution, being as old and vague as it is, is starting to become outdated in relation to issues such as this one. What do you think – should the Internet be regulated?

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