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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – It is not by surprise that this blemished, dictatorial nation has made it once again into headlines— launching a new space program that is raising eyebrows in the West. Recently, the North Korean biological, chemical, and missile proliferation has come to great attention, and this launch solidifies this belief.

On Sunday February 7th, a US defense specialist reported that North Korea launched a satellite with “peaceful intention” that had resulted in UN officials congressing in a Security Council. Three months ago, North Korea was having dangerous confrontations with its latter, South Korea, leading dangerous military encounters in the Yellow Sea.


In Washington D.C., the launch has led to dangerous reconsiderations of the planned summit that President Obama was hopeful of presenting. However, as tensions in the South Asian regions run high with disputes in the South China Sea, Obama may have to reconsider. Ironically enough, China has been the aggressor with building artificial islands for ballistic missiles; it raises questions as to how North Korea has been attaining materials for building intercontinental missiles, and recently a state-of-the-art space program. Trade embargoes are imposed from virtually every nation, except China, which has led to the multiple precautions that have been taken in the Pentagon when addressing the easing of tensions in both Korea’s as well as in the South Asian region.


Sunday’s launch has urged international powers to accelerate a recent program the United States has been developing with South Korea to, in the future, shoot potential missiles down with a new- Terminal High Altitude Defense. The counterpart to North Korea has been urged to be on high alert following the U.N.’s condemned ‘launch’, President Park Geun-hye calling the launch a “challenge to world peace”.  This launch is being taken on scale of extreme magnitude due to its extensive militaristic capabilities. North Korea, according U.S. intelligence, has 9 million soldiers, 96 artillery cannons, and approximately twice in soldier size according to enlisted personnel in the United States— all adding to the seriousness of every threat made to possibly engage in a full-scale war.


North Korea is simply said— extremely poor. Approximately ninety five percent of its population lives in poverty, therefore it is extremely questionable as to the extent of the claim made by North Korea to be of peaceful intents. Experts say that the type of rocket used in Sunday’s launch, Kwangmyongsong, can be used to carry nuclear warheads. Nevertheless, it would take the China, the last North Korean funding nation, to implement existing sanctions to prevent such dangerous occurrences in the future.

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