Cam Newton: The Face of Modern Football?


Years before Cam Newton was the face of the modern era of Football, before he was embarrassing defenders left and right at the highest stage of the sport, before he was the best player in the NFL, before the dab, he was kicked out of the University of Florida’s football team after being charged with stealing a laptop and had moved to Blinn Community College in 2009, a place where no one great comes out of. He was at the lowest point of his career, and it would take every bit of skill, integrity, and leadership he had to dig himself out of the deepest ditch of his life. This was when Newton decided that he would give it all he had, rather than just sit down and sulk; Rather he would contribute to his team in the best way he could. Three thousand passing yards, 22 passing touchdowns, and 17 rushing touchdowns later, Cam Newton and Blinn College had won the junior college national championship. After that season, he transferred to NCAA powerhouse University of Auburn, where the real test of his career awaited him.

Newton may have committed the previous year, but September 25, 2010 was when Cam Newton truly arrived at Auburn. With a 5 touchdown performance, he led his team to a victory over fellow powerhouse University of South Carolina, and his life would change forever. As he said “After the South Carolina game, my life changed forever. People wanted to see me, wanted to take pictures, wait outside of my class…”. His picture had literally changed from a mug shot after the alleged laptop case in Florida to the front cover of Sports Illustrated leading his team to a victory at Auburn in the short span of a couple years. However, this didn’t remainthe case for long.

November 4, 2010, CamNewton’s father Cecil Newton was accused of telling several colleges that they would have to pay him to sign son. As both Newtons emphasized, this was a fraud but Cecil, being a good father, sacrificed his reputation by falling on the sword for his son saying that he did accept the money so that the case wouldn’t spread. He was banned by Auburn from watching any of his son’s games, but Newton’s career would continue. Putting yet another obstacle behind him, he focused on getting wins for his team, leading the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated regular season, winning the Heisman trophy (Best player in NCAA), and finally bringing home the national championship. A few months later, he had declared himself for the NFL Draft, and was chosen No.1 overall by the Carolina Panthers, where another phase of his career was about to begin.

Newton began his NFL career by totaling over 4000 yards, a rookie record, and was named Rookie of the Year. He continued rackingup lots of yards through the next season, but was unfortunately not racking up as many wins, as his Carolina Panthers were just 13-19 throughout his first two seasons. Newton was not used to losing, and this was obvious to anyone watching him as he didn’t quite seem to have the energythat he did back in college. Finally in 2014, Newton’s third season, he decided to stop sulking and start playing. That year, he led the Panthers to the playoffs at last. The next year, 2015-16, Cam Newton became the face of the NFL, leading his team to a 15-1, nearly perfect, regular season record, as well a trip to the Super Bowl againstthe Broncos, where the would ultimately lose.

However, Cam Newton will be back next year, fighting for his first Super Bowl ring, after winning the league MVP this year by a undoubting 48 out of 50 votes.

Whatever happens though, he will always remember his days back at Blinn Junior College, and how he gave it all he had to be what he is right now.

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