Interview: Mrs. Selweski on HOSA Regionals

by Suha Iqbal |

Mrs. Selweski:

“I’ve been the sponsor for HOSA, along with Mr. Kurecka, for 5 years now. I started sponsoring HOSA when the old Health teacher Mrs. Landolt had to leave unfortunately, and since I was friends with her, she asked me to sponsor the club. I agreed, and I’m glad I did because I fell in love with it. I really like that I get to see students outside of Spanish class and I get to work with students who aren’t even in my Spanish class or students who don’t even take Spanish. I love that I get to work with students who are really passionate; it’s not something they have to do, but something that they want to do.

HOSA went to its first Regionals this year on February 6th. At Regionals, we do competitions, and what you actually do at Regionals really depends on your event. For some, that means that you have to write an essay on the spot. For some, that entails making a presentation or debating about medical topics. It means many things for many different people. Some were group efforts, while others were individual. The whole day is buzzing with excitement, but my favorite part of the day is definitely the awards ceremony. Our students did really well this year. I love watching the kids get really excited when they win. I particularly enjoy the ceremony when we sweep all of the awards in an event, when we get gold and silver and bronze. We had 147 students compete in 37 events this year, and we earned 14 gold medals, 9 silver medals, and 15 bronze medals.

Students who won their competitions at the Regional level are headed to the States Competition. It’s a bigger and better version of Regionals and Nationals, which is the highest level to compete at. The competition itself, like the rules, stays the same but now the stakes are higher. At States, you compete against the top 10 in regionals, and at Nationals you work against people in the top 3 in States. I guess you could say that it becomes more and more elite.”

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