Humans of IA, Summer Nguyen

By Andrew Nguyen |
Jane Zhou, a sophomore, is one of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. She’s kind, funny, and caring – not to mention incredibly smart. I got the chance to know a bit more about this side of her, and she left me with a story that I, along with every other IA student, should keep to heart.

She began with, “basically, ever since 6th grade, I tried to test out of a math class. Took me three tries. When I looked at the exam, I was literally like, ‘What the heck are proofs?’ And proofs were worth like over half of the points.” We’ve all been here, one way or another. She continued by saying, “in 7th grade, I tried testing out of Algebra 2. And that time, I actually did study a bit. I got an online textbook, read over most of the chapters, and took notes. Still didn’t pass though, but it comforted me that I actually knew what the questions were asking for.” Jane is the type of person who we all should strive to be; she’s someone who can get back up after anything has come her way. She knows that she’ll travel from point A to point B at some point in time, and all that is required is work.


“Eighth grade came along, and I told myself that this would be the last time. I bought the precalc textbook, studied during summer vacation (I mean, I think that summer was the only summer I did something useful), worked through the exercise problems, and took the test in April. I passed.

“Too bad I ended up going to IA instead of Troy High.”

She’s happy that she’s here, beside all of her friends she’s made at IA. Even though she didn’t end up where she originally planned, everything she did to prepare paid off. “The precalc I studied was pretty useful. SL1 math freshmen year was a breeze because of it. I like to joke about how the saying ‘third time’s the charm’ is actually true. But to be honest, it’s only because I put in the time and effort, and I persevered.”

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