New Hampshire’s Fortune Told

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The long awaited New Hampshire primary, which took place February 8th, was as controversial as many people across the country had suspected it would be. New Hampshire votes are solid indicators of who America will have as options on the November poll, due to its unimpressionable voters. Tuesday night showed Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as the two main possibilities.

Both candidates won by considerably large margins, Trump setting a record of largest Republican victory in a New Hampshire primary since 2000 (NY Times). However, the other Republican candidates did not trail as far behind Trump as the Democratic prospects did after Sanders. Most notably Ohio governor John Kasich, who came close to Trump. At the victory rally, Trump promised the people present that he was ready to do something amazing, quickly and efficiently, and to earn respect for the USA back from the rest of the world.

As for the Democrats, some predicted that Clinton would have appealed to New Hampshire natives more, seeing that her plans reflected state politics. In the end though, her focus on the fight for racial and gender equality was not enough to stop Sanders from sweeping the polls. Clinton’s inability to win Tuesday suggests that voters, mostly the younger ones who make up a large portion of Sander’s supporters, have lost trust in her, suggesting her ideas aren’t strong enough. On the other hand Sanders is the rounded and driven leader with the ability to bring about change in the White House. Sanders on the other hand was evidently happy with his victory, promising voters that he would produce an “echo from Wall Street to Washington, from Maine to California” and that the government belonged to everyone, not a handful of wealthy individuals (ABC News).

Some say that the famous Iowa and New Hampshire voting days are no longer as reliable as they used to be, referencing the demographics. Both states are predominantly white and opinions from other ethnic groups, on who is suitable, can show themselves in the following polls. Whether that is the case or not, one thing is for sure: no one would have expected a year ago that the two extremes of candidates would have made it so far and riled up such a support from Americans.

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