Presidential Elections: Democratic Nominees

By Summer Nguyen |

With voting season just around the corner, the presidential elections are beginning to open into a true race. Although most of us are not of legal age to vote, it is still our duty as American citizens and inhabitants to stay informed on the political race for the so coveted holy grail- presidency. There are two political parties for a candidate to be a part of: the Republican party or the Democratic party. The Democratic party has two major candidates running for presidency: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The younger generation might not have the chance to vote, but we should all have our own voices for our own futures by electing the future president

Both politicians have “scandals” or “flaws”, which have erupted in the media: Hillary’s e-mail scandal, and Bernie’s team hacking into voter files. It was found in March 2015, that Hillary Clinton shared her private server and her official communications server as United States Secretary of State while in office through her e-mail. This linked to many e-mails being deleted, and was a clear violation of State Department protocols and procedures. However, Bernie is no “white-knight” either. The Democratic National Committee penalizes Bernie Sanders, for improperly accessing voter information gathered by rival, Hillary Clinton. But should this really dictate who we really vote for, or whom we side with? Since both are a part of the Democratic party, they  believe in similar views and ideals, however, there are major issues and topics where the two disagree. For example: when the two were asked abour foreign entanglement and intervention, Bernie strongly disagreed with this, but hillary did not.  Where do you side? Bernie and Hillary are both the major heads for their Democratic party, but who really controls the lead? The first official, Iowa Caucus, showed a slight lead with Hillary, but the New Hampshire Primary declared Bernie as the outright winner. Who do you think should run?

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