Well… Donald Trump.

By Jasmein Minhas |

Donald Trump. It is a name that, by now, everyone has become familiar with, but very few can properly pinpoint the reasons for his success in the 2016 Presidential election. Is it his wealth? His name? What makes such a racist, misogynistic, hypocrisy of a man become the unofficial Republican nominee? How is it that a man who criticizes minority groups, degrades individuals and bashes people’s beliefs is leading in the polls of a country that is against all of that? Trump has often been said to speak without a “politician’s filter” and says what’s on his mind, but he takes his verbal commentary to greater extremes. Many people who support Trump speak of how he represents a self-made American, a person who worked hard for his dreams and truly cares about the future of the United States. One individual even said that, “Trump isn’t stupid, he gets it. He knows the more outrageous, the better.”

Trump is not the ideal candidate to be sitting in the oval office. However, he is a showcase. With each debate, the same diplomatic, dull, rehearsed answers are announced by each candidate. Trump comes out, head held high, cocky attitude in check, and leaves his politician dictionary at home. He says what, unfortunately, most Americans can understand. He does not hide behind layers of complicated answers to a simple question. Trump speaks what he believes is the truth, and frankly, he does not hold back. He is the comedian of the 2016 elections and people tune in to hear his outrageous insults and patronizing one-liners.

No politician, especially one running for president, talks like how Donald Trump talks, and that’s exactly what makes him so appealing. He does not talk like a politician. He talks like an American: assertive, tough, witty, and one to speak his mind despite how offensive it may be. That being said, Trump, “talking like an American” is not to say that every American thinks like him. It is a generalization that is large enough to encompass every American that does actually vote for him because he is the voice that they connect with the most. Trump is a pawn in the 2016 elections, but a pawn that somehow is defeating the queen. His policies have no true political standpoint, he has offended every minority group possible, and his so-called “self-made wealth” comes from his “small loan of a million dollars.” He has no qualifications to become president, but somehow, he is beating the system, the queen. Pawns die early in the game, but Trump? He has used his billion dollar wealth and flamboyant campaign to distract everyone from the truth, and defeat every other player on the chessboard. Trump brainwashes Americans to forget every horrible thing he’s ever said, and focus on his glory and name. He could stand on a podium and not say a single word, but individuals would still vote for him because of the power his essence carries. It does not matter what anyone else in the campaign says, whether they support Trump or not.

This year’s campaigns have been the most controversial and most opinionated and all of it originates back to one man. Donald Trump has conformed people to his discriminatory and xenophobic policies. When individuals watch the debate, many are not even watching to see the candidate they support. They are watching for Trump, because that is who the entire nation is fixated on. Donald Trump: a racist, a misogynist, and a hypocrite, and possibly America’s future president.  


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