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By Sana Hameed |

Here at IA East each and every club evolves and grows in its own unique way. Some clubs make big changes for a striving system while other clubs keep doing what they’re doing. This got me thinking, are any clubs changing their ways this year? I thought it would be interesting to find out. In my search for answers I talked with 4 sponsors and 1 board member with whom I discussed 4 clubs in total.

I first talked with Mr. Vickers, sponsor of Drama Club. The main points that I was presented with was that Drama club was getting a bit more serious as well as gaining student and teacher representation. This year, in an effort to attract determined members, Drama Club is charging a membership fee. “ Last year we had 150 members… but the people didn’t help so basically we have about 20 or 30 this year.” says Mr.Vickers.

In addition, this year multiple theatre-based enrichments are offered along with literature and performance classes. These enrichments, which include Broadway in New York, give students the chance to experience a real life performance.

On a different note, Drama Club has a greater representation of each grade this year as compared to last year. “This year we got freshman in the show which we haven’t done before and we’ve got freshman in the club who are helping with tech stuff as well.” With seniors taking responsibility for costumes and props, student leadership is also added to the mix.

But we can’t forget about teacher representation. Mr.Vickers closes off by saying “We’ve got 10 teachers in this show. There was me and Mr. Shankles in the last two. Mrs. Manoogian in the first one..this year we’ve got 10, including Mr. Brinks himself…”

Next I talked with Maheem, board member of MUN, about the improvements that MUN is trying to make. “We’re not just trying to make the club a conference based club, we’re trying to make it something that’s enjoyable for people. We want a lot more people to…experience…and learn new things…” MUN is ready to open up the club to so much more than just conferences. They definitely want more people to come in and try it out.

As for the conferences, MUN is planning to hold one that involves all of the campuses.“This year we’re trying to incorporate an IA MUN conference…we want to have different types of committees, include Central and West in a greater aspect.”  The club has done a conference like this before, last year being their first time. This year they’re hoping to expand, include a lot more people, and have a variety of committees.

Lastly, MUN is making meetings a lot more involved. “Be it learning parliamentary procedure, having a discussion or trying to make sure that we include everyone…we’re trying to make this a much more cohesive club” The club is going to try their best to get members involved whether it be at conferences or just at a meeting. Fun and learning is what they’re aiming for.

Joining this list of changing clubs is IASA. I talked not only with Mr.Griffin about this club, but a run in with Mrs. Toepel gave me plenty of information as well. Mrs.Toepel starts off by saying “Their event is much earlier this year so there’s been a lot of changes in the way that they have to get things set up.” An earlier show would naturally result in earlier processes such as tryouts. The school will be looking forward to the show in February.

Mr.Griffin says that because of the earlier show, a few extra activities can be scheduled later on. “We are hoping to expand on our Holi event and do some more activities in the springtime because of the earlier show”

But there is still one more important change in IASA this year. The club is holding their show, for the very first time, during two nights instead of just the one.“They’ve only ever done one night and they’re going to have two nights…last year we had to turn people away…there were so many people who wanted to come see the event and we literally ran out of seats…It was crazy…due to the size increase of IASA”  says Mrs.Toepel.

The final club on the list to really change quite a few things pertaining to it would be Red Cross. “Red Cross is going to be a lot different this year.” says Mr.Griffin. “Our president, Merina Varghese, is putting on a lot of events for our school” Events include a zombie apocalypse in November, a possible CPR workshop and blood drive and a fire safety workshop that happened this month.

As for the Newspaper club, this year we’re presenting the school with hard copies of the Phoenix Forum versus just our online platform. “For some reason the hard copy seems to be a bit more attractive to the kids” says Ms. Lewis. And for this reason, the hard copies were printed.

By the end of my interviews I came to the conclusion of one thing. IA East clubs will continue to evolve and grow as the years go by. In this process, some clubs will decide to change while other clubs will stay the same. Nonetheless, each and every club continues to improve, offering excitement and new opportunities.

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