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By Syed Daiyan |

“It started with a picture of me and Shamik. We took a picture up against an American flag wearing Indian clothes and you know how people will take funny pictures and are like, ‘Oh, this my mixtape cover,’ right? So that’s how it started. Then we were like, ‘Let’s actually do it,’ and  so after that picture we made a fake mixtape cover as a joke but as months went on we were like, “Let’s actually make it. It would be funny.” So that’s that.

First it was me, Shamik and Naman. We knew Naman produced music or whatever… DJ Namix. So then, we were like, ‘OK, can you produce a song for us?’. He said sure and made the beat but after a while Shamik kind of phased out and then Faruq came in. In February, all three of us, we made a song together.. It was bad but we made a song. We didn’t release it right away. We were like, ‘OK, let’s keep it,’ because we wanted to release it as a project. After a while, we got busy with internals and so we pushed it off to the summer.

So we made the album. Naman made the beats. There’s five songs and we had a certain idea and general tone of the  songs. We wanted a hype song, a funny song and we wanted a few dark songs. The lyrics, we just, we actually made two songs as a joke for our government project. That’s how we got into writing rap songs… that’s how we started writing.

Naman has a whole setup. We would go to his house and record for like 6 or 7 hours. This was all summer. Every single day we’d go to his house in Grosse Pointe. We would record a song, spend 6 or 7 hours, go home, we would, you know, we would have the next beat ready. We would listen that night and we would come the next day and write the lyrics.

My personal favorite would have to be Green Card Love just because I think it’s the funniest and like that was like an original idea that I came up with.

You can get it on iTunes. It’s United States Divided.  It’s on Spotify. It’s on Soundcloud. It’s on YouTube.”

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