Humans of IA

Ms. McCarty

By Akanksha Kapur |

“By far the thing that most people find interesting is the 5-years of rugby I played for Grand Valley. The most exciting part to me is that we played in Division I and even made it to a 9th seat ranking within the entire nation. It was a very exciting time! It was exhilarating, beating teams such as Purdue and Iowa when they had never heard of Grand Valley before!

After college, and out of luck for a teaching job, I worked at Costco and was a substitute teacher for a year. I received my first teaching job at Multicultural Academy near the Ypsilanti area where I taught 8-12 grade. After two years, I moved to Avondale Middle School where I taught 6th grade for two years and then finally was moved to Avondale High School teaching U.S. and World History. After a brief year at the high school, I searched for other opportunities and finally made my way to my home, the IA.

There is something extremely special about the school culture; it is hard to find this kind of positive environment in other places. I am so fortunate to come into work every day and get the opportunity to be surrounded by such amazing people! Everyone has been so welcoming and I love the tight-knit feeling of a smaller school. I think it is awesome when I get to see students outside of the classroom, truly enjoying themselves and out of the typical academic zone. The curriculum through the IB program is very rigorous and demanding of both students and teachers. Yet, it is exciting to see the level of critical thinking that goes on at the IA as a result. Despite the small size, there are a myriad of opportunities for students to get involved with unique experiences after the regular school day. In many schools students are asked to leave immediately after school dismisses unless there is a sport or club to attend. Instead, the IA gives opportunity for students to meet with their teachers and accomplish home learning tasks in an academic environment. I would like to change the stress levels of my students. They are so amazing and will succeed at anything as long as they put forth full effort! They need to trust in that.”

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