Charity Ball: it’s lit


By Priyanka Nandyala | 

International Academy East’s annual Charity Ball on Saturday, January 21 was filled with music, dancing and lights. The central theme of “it’s lit” was prominently displayed through glow-in-the-dark bracelets, light-up balloons, blueish-purple lighting and a glowing, paint-splattered poster. All of the students and teachers looked fantastic and had fun dancing and taking pictures with their friends.  There was a very large turnout with about 200 people attending. As always, Student Leadership organized Charity Ball, made posters and designed the tickets with some help from Ms. Beski. Their biggest achievement was the centerpiece of the hallway that spanned the width of the hallway and had the words “Glow in the Dark” and “CHARITY BALL 2017”. This year, instead of hiring a DJ, they decided to have the music played by senior Naman Gupta and he kept everyone entertained with great song choices. Student Leadership also voted on a charity they wanted to support and $3500 will be donated to Zaman International. In addition to the students and teachers, many parents were also involved in making the night a success. They helped with the coat check, donated and set out food, and helped everyone have a good time.

Pictures were a large part of the evening for many of the attendees. Students of all grades could be seen posing for the camera in front of the the large poster, or just about anywhere in the crowded gym hallway. For the seniors, this was the last International Academy East Charity Ball they will ever attend, so there were definitely some bittersweet moments for them. Overall, Charity Ball was a blast of fun for everyone involved.


Special thanks to Ms. Beski.

Priyanka is a sophomore at International Academy East. She became a part of the Newspaper team in 2016.

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