January Edition: The 39 Steps

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By Jennifer Forgaciu |

The 39 Steps: An IAE Drama Club Production

Eerie music plays in the background as Richard Hannay played by freshman Emily Mann – calmly takes a seat in the armchair, preparing for the opening scene of the production. Mr. Hannay has just reached the point in his life where he feels there is nothing left to produce any meaning in his existence, but he never knew what awaited hima false charge of murder! As he embarks on a harrowing journey to clear his name, he encounters fraudulent police officers, international spies, and beautiful women! His ultimate travelling companion becomes Pamela Edwards played by senior Victoria Malkoun a woman who has the very power to turn him in or to help him regain his freedom.

This is how our school play, The 39 Steps, begins. Directed by Marc Vickers, who has been successfully teaching and running the drama club for three years now, the cast featured ten teachers and sixteen students, each bringing a fresh take on their roles. Whether it was the announcers, Professor Jordan and his wife, or Mr. Hannay himself, every member of the cast embodied their role and personalized their characters. Their charisma and charm elicited many a laugh from the captivated audience!

The thrill of opening night was exhilarating, as the actors anxiously awaited their cues backstage, checking once more to make sure their costumes were intact and their props in hand. The crew and technical and production managers wonderfully managed the sound effects, lighting, and prop distribution, ensuring that each performance was successful. Both nights of the play resulted in a turnout of about 200 people, giving family and friends the chance to truly appreciate the hard work that has been put into the production for the past few months.

From Hannay’s flirtatious determination to Mr. Memory’s hilarious pride to Pamela’s whining stubbornness, the play successfully captured the tension and hilarity of a murder mystery and a comedy combined. Once again, the IA East Showstoppers have proved that the drama club can and will go above and beyond all expectations!

We hope that all of the attendees and club members enjoyed this year’s production of The 39 Steps! We hope to see you soon at the next one!

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