Personal Project Exhibition 2017

By Elizabeth George |

Sophomores at the IA have been dedicating long hours and hard work to their Personal Projects to eventually show off to their fellow peers and staff members and the day had finally arrived.  On January 13, 2017, they were able to showcase their efforts and creativity to the entire school. As their classmates walked amongst the projects, students were able to see the different personalities of their peers illustrated through their tri-fold presentations. In every corner of the hallway, food was being eaten, instruments were being strummed, and students were proudly demonstrating the new talents that they had picked up over the course of the semester. After interviewing two sophomores about their projects, one on cooking and the other on photography, the processes seemed a lot similar than imagined.

When speaking with Naveen Abraham, one of the sophomores at the exhibition, he said, “I’ve been cooking with my grandmother since I was three years old and cooking has always been something I’ve enjoyed. When I finally started school, I began to lose  track of my culinary skills. To get back on track, I decided to use the Personal Project as an excuse to cook.

The Personal Project gives students the opportunity to try something that they’ve never tried before. However, most students like to take a forgotten hobby of theirs and rekindle the enjoyment. For example, Arun Varghese took his love of photography and captured his friends’ cultures through different pictures. When asked about the idea, he said, “I came up with my idea from seeing my dad in action. He had been at it, taking pictures for a while now. Watching him made me want to learn more about it and try to take some of my own pictures as well.” Since the Personal Project gave the opportunity for students to expand on their interests, many of them, including Arun and Naveen, have discovered that they had a talent in their hobby!      

The Personal Project is something that only comes around once and students take advantage of that, showing everyone their full potential and putting all of their effort into something that they care about. In the past, the exhibitions have always exceeded the expectations of fellow peers and teachers, and the the 2017 Personal Project Exhibition certainly did not disappoint!    

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