Humans of IA

Humans of IA – Amanda Guibord

“ I went to high school at the IA West Campus, my favorite part of going to school at the IA was the community. The people I were with were interested in the same things as me- we could have really great conversations about things and get many different perspectives. I loved my teachers and I loved the work that we did, even though it was more of a challenge than if I went to another school. However, it’s important to be well rounded and not to be stressed out about one thing.”

“When I was in high school I was a cheerleader, specifically competitive and sideline cheerleading, and I played lacrosse. Sports taught me to branch out and become a well rounded person. I loved clubs, when I was in high school a lot of the clubs were really new because I was in the first graduating class of IA West. We started classic movie club, make a person smile club, but the club I was most active in was Spanish Honors Society. The best part about clubs was being able to hang out with my classmates in an environment that was not focused just on academics. In Junior and Senior year I loved IB Biology and I loved IB Spanish, I also took Ab Initio Spanish and French. However, really when we got to that level there weren’t any really boring courses, we talked about such great things in History and Eng#lish.”

“If I could change one thing about my high school experience I would be more prepared for the college application process and have taken more tours and asked more questions. If I had done it all again I could have saved myself some money in terms of application fees by going and visiting places. My advice for current students would be don’t sweat the small stuff, although it’s really cliche,it’s really easy to fixate on one class, one test, or one assignment. But overall, it is such a great experience that makes you stronger as plan to go to college, it helps you deal with challenges, even though it is hard it gets easier and prepares you for the future.”

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