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Makerspace Club: An Inventor’s Dream

By Camryn McMurtry |

The newest club addition to the IA community, Makerspace Club, provides a creative outlet for any students with an interest in S.T.E.M, art, coding, architecture, and creating in general.  In this club students may also have a chance to experiment with 3D Printer, found objects, and robots. Unlike other clubs, Makerspace Club is flexible and can be catered to the needs and tastes of each individual. With no pressure to meet strict deadlines students can continue projects whenever they have time afterschool.  Individuals are able to choose and pursue their own projects whether it be for school or personal interest.  This environment is perfect for students who are curious about how things work and want to model their own projects after the information they gain. According to the club sponsor, Mrs. Jorgensen, “it’s a place to let your imagination run wild”. In the midst of all that goes on in an IA student’s life this is something often neglected.

Vice Principal Brinks brought up the idea of this club, and Mrs. Jorgensen was completely willing to sponsor it. When thinking of clubs to sponsor she likes “to sponsor clubs where students can have a little fun and learn too”. Makerspace Clubs have been popping up everywhere from other schools to libraries and community centers.

Although the information session has passed, it is not too late to join the club for this school year. Club meetings will be held on Tuesdays, and the first meeting will be Tuesday February 7, 2017.

One of the club’s current obstacles is finding a space that is suitable for their needs. The current space needs some re-modeling but soon there will be a place to keep the supplies and student’s work. Mrs. Jorgensen is optimistic as anything is better than using the carts to keep materials.

To find out more information about the club, Mrs. Jorgensen is open to answering any questions.  

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