NAIS: A look on the Cars and their Makers

March 27, 2013: Ford cars are among those on display at the New York International Auto Show, in New York's Javits Center.

By Sneha Saxena |

From expensive cars that glisten at every angle, to new beauties that were the first of their kind to reach the market, the North American International Auto Show (NAIS) has it all. Every January, citizens from around the world visit cities all over the U.S to view the wonders of the Auto Show.. This special event is held annually at Cobo Hall and puts on display the latest cars of the leading car companies, including Mercedes, Chrysler, Honda, Ford, General Motors, and numerous others. However, some companies (such as Tesla and Porsche) have skipped the show this year. According to data by, over 800,000 tickets have been sold so far, showing how immensely popular the event is. Of those participating companies, the cars displayed can include concept cars of the future. They include gasoline vehicles, hybrids, and electric vehicles. Some cars in the mix get quite pricey, and are for display purposes only. However, a majority of the cars give visitors “sneak peeks” as to what the styles and designs are that the companies will come out with next. The above picture from CBS Detroit displays a snapshot of the event.

According to, The NAIS starts on January 7, 2017, and continues throughout the month, each date covering a specific part of the event. The Gallery takes place on the 7th, the Automobili-D aspect is from the 8th-12th, the Press Preview is from the 9th-10th, the Industry Preview is from the 11th-12th, the Charity Preview is on the 13th and the public show is from the 14th to the 22nd.  

Although the Auto Show contained many concepts, there were some highlights that really took the cake. “The Verge” notes that Nissan’s Vmotion 2.0 (shown above from is a cleverly designed car that steps up the game. With its sharp edges and futuristic look and classic design, it’s surely one that you cannot miss.  

Another interesting car is the Ford F-150. According to, this car will have a pre-collision assisting feature and pedestrian detection, which is a surefire way to up safety levels in newer styles of cars. A Wi-Fi hotspot will be available and this 2018 model should be on the market this fall.

Lastly, the 2018 model of the Toyota Camry was a treat to see. It is sporty and futuristic in appearance with 3 linked displays! The passenger seats are lower in the cockpit, giving the car a smooth, sleek, and athletic appearance. In summary, this car is larger than the last Camry and more fruitful with features, as shown by

A big highlight was for the company Chrysler, who has earned the first-ever North American Utility of the Year award, which is quite an accomplishment. Chrysler’s Pacifica and numerous other vehicles have been on display as the future of automotive creation. Although this achievement has been acknowledged, however; many say that Chrysler is in a low point in their business.  Peter Delorenzo, author of the online page, says that “I call it the dead car company walking despite Nardelli’s pronouncements. There are too many serious problems hovering over Chrysler right now.”

Apart from company successes, multiple concept cars have also been displayed, including the Lexus UX Concept Car.  Lastly, Google expects to have their new self-driving minivans available to drive near the end of January 2017.

As said by the Troy Times Newspaper, OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) from around the world have displayed the cars shown at the show. Many more tickets are sure to be sold, and they do generate a lot of money Since this show occurs all over the country in many different cities and all throughout the year, there is much more to come and much more to expect, so stay tuned.

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