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No creo que es la bandera de Puerto Rico es la nueva de Estados Unidos en el juego Cyberpunk 2077 Flag o a lo mejor lo puede ser y de ese ngulo yo este mal pero nada ya mismo lo jugare. This flag was used in the short-lived Puerto Rican.

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The independence movement in Puerto Rico gained momentum with the liberation successes of Simn Bolvar and Jos.

Captain america puerto rican flag. Ramn Emeterio Betances and embroidered by Mariana Brazos de Oro. The origins of the current flag of Puerto Rico adopted by the commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1952 can be traced to 1868 when the first Puerto Rican flag The Revolutionary Flag of Lares was conceived by Dr. 4132014 Captain America Captain Puerto Rico.

The flag of Puerto Rico represents and symbolizes Puerto Rico and its people. The building on the flag is Angkor. The original Lares revolutionary flag of 1868 also known as the First Puerto Rican Flag.

5292019 La Borinqueas costume with the colors of the Puerto Rican flag made its first appearance at the 2016 National Puerto Rican Day Parade. The building on the flag is Angkor Wat the temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world. Puerto Rico already had its flag before the creation of Captain America as pro-war WWII propaganda.

It gets hilarious when you consider that under this logic Osborns Iron Patriot armor looks more like the flag of Cuba white star on red field blue and white stripes. Captain Americas original costume bearing only one star on the chest and back looks more like the flag of Liberia than the Stars and Stripes. A nearly unnoticeable detail but Captain Americas suit is actually a subtle nod to the Puerto Rican flag referencing the relationship between America and Puerto Rico 2 comments 98 Upvoted This thread is archived.

5232014 The correct answer is Cambodia. In Puerto Rico on display in the UPR. 8172020 In New York City a flag was chosen in exile by the Puerto Rican section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party on December 22 1895.

Captain America versus the Flag of Puerto Rico. It was just recognized by the United States in 1952 along with its Constitution when it was obligated by the UN post WWII to change Puerto Ricos colonial status by renaming it as ELA Commonwealth. Why is Captain America wearing the Puerto Rican flag on Aug 18 2014 – Reader Andrew Collins pointed this out courtesy of a friend of his and its a pretty amusing question I.

1112017 The suit is comprised of two versions of the Puerto Rican flag the original called El Grito de Lares and the current one which was made. De San Martn in South America. The design of Puerto Ricos flag carries the same colors as the national flag except it only has a singular star.

Thus it happens that the frontal view of Captain America show what appears to be the flag of Puerto Rico but its supposed to be the national flag. 982020 Kramer embraces the cultural festivities but a carelessly discarded sparkler leads him to light a Puerto Rican Flag on fire. Captain America has taken to the big screen and people across America or at least on social media are thinking hes actually Captain Puerto Rico wearing the Puerto Rican territorial flag.

See more ideas about captain america captain america. After Kramer stomps on the flag to extinguish the flames hes chased down by an angry mob some of whom are wearing clothing emblazoned with the colors of the Puerto Rican flag. Yep that look about right.

The design was simply the Cuban flag with a reversal of the red and blue colours. When George Takei posted the popular meme on his popular Facebook page an impressive number of people pointed out that Puerto Rico is in America and belongs to the United States. Via Geek Universe April 13 2014 Geeks are Sexy General 6 Comments.

Aug 1 2012 – Explore Robert Newmans board Captain America followed by 462 people on Pinterest. Cannot Unsee Once you see some things you cannot unsee them. At least Puerto Rico is US territory.

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