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Elon Musk Covid Vaccine

I'm not at risk for covid, nor are my kids, musk said on “ sway ,” a. Elon musk, the ceo of tesla, musk was satisfied with the progress of tesla's alliance with vaccine developer curevac, said a german leader elon musk considers this covid vaccine maker as one of.

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Elon musk called bill gates a “knucklehead” on monday and insisted he won’t take a coronavirus vaccine.

Elon musk covid vaccine. It has diminished my faith in humanity, this whole thing… the irrationality of people in general,” musk said. In an interview on the new york times` podcast sway published on monday, the tesla and spacex ceo slammed the widespread restrictions imposed across the. Elon musk told the new york times he and his kids won't get a coronavirus vaccine when one becomes available, claiming he is not at risk for covid, nor are my kids. so does the musk family have.

Musk also says the pandemic has 'questioned my faith in humanity' because people have become 'irrational' Elon musk confirmed that tesla is currently working on version 3 of its vaccine printer for curevac and he believes that it is going to be an “important product for the world.” earlier this. Musk might be hiding something he knows:

Elon musk revealed that he will not be getting a covid vaccine once they become available. Elon musk calls bill gates a 'knucklehead' after coronavirus vaccine criticism. The tesla founder's understanding of developing a possible vaccine for the coronavirus.

I am not at risk, neither are my kids, he said. Learn more about this new york times interview. Kara swisher from ‘the new york times’ happened to interview mr.

Elon musk has said he and his family would not take a coronavirus vaccine even if it became immediately available. Elon musk, 49, said he won't get a coronavirus vaccine when they're available because he's 'not at risk', in a monday interview on the new york times podcast sway. It started getting fishy when musk stated that neither himself nor his family would take the shots of a successful vaccine whatsoever.

Covid vaccine musk has made his thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic clear, saying that the panic caused by the virus is “dumb” and showing his disdain for statewide lockdowns. Elon musk won’t take covid vaccine, calls bill gates a ‘knucklehead’ the billionaire entrepreneur disagrees with lockdowns and said, 'i'm not at risk for covid, nor are my kids.' wed sep 30. He told the journalist kara swisher in an episode of the.

Elon musk says he will not get a coronavirus vaccine when health chiefs approve jab. At some point there probably.

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