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Kpop Idols Birthday In October 16

Weve compiled the list of idols who were born on the month of October. 2-16-1979 Jang Yunjeong Soloist.

K Pop Idols Celebrating October Birthdays Kpopmap

Top 30 Top KPop Brand Reputation for Individual Boy Group Members in October 2020.

Kpop idols birthday in october 16. 8-16-1995 Rubin from 1TEAM. 3-16-1987 Lee Jinah Soloist. 8-16-1985 RiSe from Ladies Code.

10-16-2000 Hanbi from. 3-16-1999 Taeri from BADKIZHot Place. Super-duper long list We might missed out your favorite idolscelebrity or key in wrongly feel free to.

2-16-1993 Soon-E from SET. Lay EXO October 7. Here are over 30 male idols who will be turning another year older that you likely wont want to miss.

8-16-1994 Haebin from Gugudan. 8-16-1997 Jaeyun from TOOTO1. 2-16-1993 Chankyu from TRIPLEME.

19112016 Hoon U-KISS August 16. 3-16-1992 Hyoeun from Stellar. Lee Jung-shin CNBLUE September 15.

BM was born on October 20 1992 and will turn 29 this year. 2-16-1993 Soomin from DIPMX and XENEX. 2-16-1993 Yukika from Real Girls Project Soloist.

01072014 July 1 2014 April 3 2019 Jiji 89 Comments actor actress birthday facebook happy birthday idols instagram kpop model SNS Twitter WARNING. Sang was born on October 17 1995 and will turn 26 this year. As a result it fell by 4526.

3-16-1993 Jieun from Piggy Girls. 8-16-1995 Deesee from UHSN. October means autumn falling leaves Halloween and most importantly – the birthdays of some of our most favorite biases.

12-16-1978 Minzee from O-24. BM KARD Your browser does not support video. Woobin was born on October 16 2000 and will turn 21 this year.

October 16 -SeungHo MBLAQ 1987 -Stephanie CSJH The Grace 1987 October 17 -Sanchez PHANTOM 1986 -JN Former Girls DayNew FO 1989 -Kim MiSo GLAM 1995 Ocotber 18 -Di Rania 1991 October 19 -None October 20 -EJ TAHITI 1990 October 21 -None October 22 -Linzy FIESTAR 1989 October 23 -Joo ChanYang T-max Disbanded 1988 -U Jin D-Unit. 10-16-1987 Stephanie from The Grace. Sung-yeol INFINITE August 27.

Heres all the K-Pop idols birthdays youll need to mark your October calendars with. 8-16-1991 E-Young from After School. Nana After School September 14.

3-16-2000 Taehee from 05Class. 26112020 Kpop Idols Born in October. October will be here before we know it and that means a new month of K-Pop idol birthdays to celebrate.

Anne GWSN Your. 9-16-1990 Burn from Mountain. 10-16-1986 Seungho from MBLAQ.

Jin-woo WINNER September 26. List Kpop Idols Born in 1999. 10-16-1989 Beagle from AFOS.

8-16-1972 Arden Cho Soloist. Eunice DIA September 2. 10-16-1997 J-Min from BAE173.

3-16-1991 Yull from EvoL. Here you can see all. 2-16-1994 Sungjoo from UNIQ.

9-11-1981 J-NAZebra from 4L and MOA. 8-16-1992 Yua from Honey Popcorn. 10-16-1999 Woobin from CRAVITY.

2-16-1980 Jonghyuk from Click B. 3-16-1996 U from ONF. 2-16-1992 Hero from LUCENTE.

10-16-1990 MincheonMin from Shooter-X and We In The Zone. Kpop Girl Group Profiles Kpop Boy. Key SHINee September 23.

3-16-1994 Hami from DHOLIC. So-jin Nine Muses October 11. Serri from Dal Shabet.

01112019 Please support all idols no matter where they are from or what group they are in. Kpop Girl Group Profiles Kpop Boy Group Profiles Kpop Polls Kpop Quizzes Kpop. 121 rows 04062018 Here you can see all Kpop October Birthdays.

Believe it or not October is just around the corner which means a new month of K-Pop idol birthdays to celebrate. Sang IMFACT Your browser does not support video. Junhyung GHOST9 Your browser does not support video.

Nicole October 7. 8-16-1993 Niel from Teen Top. 3-16-1995 Sunghyun from IN2IT and Unit Black.

2-16-1983 Ji-A Min from Global Icon. 8-16-1991 Hoon from U-kiss. Ki-su 24K October 2.

10-16-1987 Crucial Star Soloist. 22092021 Here Are 25 Upcoming Female K-Pop Idol Birthdays That Prove October Is A Beautiful Month. 10-16-1984 Eunbyeol from LPG.

3-16-1994 Jiwoo from Blah Blah. JIMIN BTS Bang Chan LEE KNOW Stray Kids Hwang Yunseong ALEX DRIPPIN GISELLE aespa. 19102020 Octobers brand index has decreased compared to the brand reputation index of 6968585 in September.

01032018 K-Pop Idols Celebrating October Birthdays. Here are over 25 female idols who will be turning another year older that you likely wont want to miss.

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October Kpop Birthdays Updated

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