Black Tassel Weapon

Black Wing Increases CRIT Rate by 810121416 and increases Normal ATK SPD by 12. Guide includes stats effect skills how to get Black Tassel. Black High School Tassel High School Graduation Cap Graduation Cap Tassel Graduation Tassel Knowing that you always meet slime in field and dungeon the weapon is definitely worth upgrading. Black tassel weapon. 3 stars Weapon Polearm Base ATK 39 also Bonus. White tassel is a tier C polearm rank 14th having 39 base attack damage with secondary stats of Crit Rate. Black Tassel is a Polearm…

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White Tassel Genshin

Base StatsBase ATK Lv1 Secondary Stat Type Secondary Stat Lv139 CRIT Rate 51Kinda compliments Zhonglis aesthetics a bit. You can use this strong black and Gold Polearm to destroy your enemies in the game. Reddit The Front Page Of The Internet Wooga Impact Character Building For a 3 star yes White Tassel is good item to use till you get a higher grade weapon either from crafting or from your pulls. White tassel genshin. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Any ways to get White Tassel.…

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