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What Conditions Count As Neurodivergent

According to author professor and expert on neurodiversity and autism Nick Walker says Neurodivergent sometimes abbreviated as ND means having a brain that functions in ways that diverge significantly from the dominant societal standards of normal Many types of mental illness might include neurodivergent thinking. They are not neurological conditions.

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But broadly speaking almost everyone considers autism and its sibling syndromes ADHD OCD Tourettes etc dyslexia and other neurodevelopmental syndromes to be neurodivergent.

What conditions count as neurodivergent. 04122020 Neurodivergent is sometimes used interchangeably with mentally ill but thats not quite the case. 05122019 Neurodivergent people may have received a medical diagnosis of autism ADHD dyspraxia dyslexia dyscalculia Tourette Syndrome Acquired Brain Injury or similar. Many people tend to cling to the medical model more strictly when describing schizophrenia and bipolar but I would give serious side-eye to anyone trying to claim that bipolar people or.

Other Neurodivergent Conditions We cater for the full range of neurodivergence. 15022021 The concept of neurodiversity reflects a non-scientific concept that views neurological conditions such as learning disabilities ADHD dyspraxia autism dyslexia and other neurological conditions as a reflection of a diversity of neurologic functioning. A person who is not neurodivergent would be described as neurotypical NT.

Person thinks feels and reacts to things could be construed as neurodivergent. 18022020 The term neurodivergent is used to describe a variety of conditions related to cognitive abilities though more often people with these conditions prefer neurodiverse. Some common conditions include ADHD dyslexia and autism but can include any neurological condition that.

Today some psychologists journalists and advocates explore and celebrate mental differences under the rubric of neurodiversity. Many people with neurological conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and dyslexia have extraordinary skills including in pattern. 05092020 Since neurodiversity includes neurological disorders mental health conditions psychiatric disorders genetic conditions developmental disorders and others there are a wide variety of conditions that fall under neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage. That said a lot of people with diagnoses choose to interpret themselves as within the norm and wouldnt identify as neurodivergent. 15022021 To be clear not all neurodivergent people experience the same issues.

As the old saying goes When youve met one person with autism youve met one person. The ones outlined and described below are only a few of these. Any neurovariant that doesnt line up with societys idea of how a normal.

What disorders are considered Neurodivergent. Check out some less-common learning differences including dyscalculia dyspraphia and hyperlexia. Neurodiversity which Jessie Paege recently wrote about her experience of refers to any neurological differences that come from a deviation from natural genes.

The conditions of ADHD Autism Dyspraxia and Dyslexia make up Neurodiversity. Neuro-differences are recognised and appreciated as a social category on par with ethnicity sexual orientation gender or disability status. 01012014 The neurodiversity paradigm is said to have been initially embraced by people on the autism spectrum however subsequent groups have applied the concept to conditions that arent on the autism spectrum such as bipolar ADHD schizophrenia schizoaffective sociopathy circadian rhythm disorders developmental speech disorders Parkinsons disease dyslexia dyspraxia dyscalculia dysnomia intellectual disability obsessive-compulsive and Tourette syndrome.

It applies to conditions such as autism dyslexia dyscalculia attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorder OCD. However nerve disorders and psychological concerns can have similar symptoms. This articles explains the term looks at the pros and cons to considering these conditions as disabilities and gives tips for schools in supporting students with neurodiversity.

Take Daniel Smeenk a 29-year-old. Attention – Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD. 08112018 Neurodiversity is a new way of looking at conditions such as autism ADHD and dyslexia.

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